6 reasons why property insurance is particularly important to you

Maximum protection

A house and its contents can be a valuable asset with the highest dollar price. Damage, loss, or alternative changes.
Failure to adjust protection
Failure to adjust the protection of your valuable assets could result in a loss that could seriously worsen your financial situation. Even a lot of it if you don’t have enough reserves for emergencies.
The following is a list of some of the items that are covered by homeowners insurance, each with their main and additional benefits.
1st building
2nd jewels and alternative valuables
3rdHousehold appliances and furnishings such as sofa, table, television, air conditioning, DVD player or alternative electronic devices
4. Legal liability of third parties
5. Protection against a private accident due to damage in construction accidents
6. Additional benefits.

6 Reasons Why Property Insurance Is Particularly Important

There is a unit with at least six (6) obvious reasons why property insurance is imperative to you. Below are the ornaments.
1.Protecting your home and contents

The main role of home insurance is to protect your home and contents.
Protecting your property includes all kinds of damage caused by the home, natural disasters, or alternative factors. It also covers the possibility of loss through theft or alternative criminal activity, as well as various types of risk of malfunction.

2. Provides some form of security

Having property insurance against unsafe risks of loss such as home, natural disaster, theft, etc. Insurance gives you security and confidence because of the owner of the assets.
If these risks materialize and you suffer damage, the insurance company can offer you adequate compensation.

3. It’s a coffee value

For normal Indonesian household policy, the typical premium price that is applied is incredibly low, which is 0.50 / 00 of the total price of the assets.

For example, if you own a house and its contents at a full price of IDR 1 billion, the premium you want to pay is 0.50 / 00 times 1,000,000,000, which is IDR 500,000 per year.

4. Compensation for damage to the building or property

Property insurance will compensate for any damage or loss to your property. The condition for compensation is that the loss was not caused by your negligence.

5.Holds the distance allowances

Imagine when the entire house building and their content area burn burn.

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